Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase Vibrant Performance products?

Our products are available through a large network of Authorized Distributors throughout North America and many other parts of the world.

You can locate our Authorized Dealers by clicking here.

How do I install the Vibrant product(s) that I have purchased?

We recommend that all Vibrant Performance products, especially those that require welding, be installed by a professional installer.

However, many of our products are designed for relatively easy bolt-on installation. For those products (such as direct fit exhaust systems, intakes, strut bars, etc…) we include everything you need for easy installation. If you have any trouble with a DIY installation, please contact our tech support department by email.

I just purchased a Vibrant Performance exhaust system. What will it sound like?

All Vibrant Performance exhaust systems are designed to produce a low, deep and smooth exhaust tone on acceleration which levels off at cruising speeds. We put a lot of time and effort into designing exhaust systems that produce both excellent power gains and the kind of sporty exhaust tone that puts a smile on your face when you punch the gas pedal.

In the future, our online catalog will feature sound clips for all of our direct fit exhaust systems so keep checking back if you want to hear what a particular system sounds like installed on a vehicle. It takes time to create all these sound clips so please bear with us.

Are Vibrant Performance Mufflers and Exhaust Systems street-legal?

Our performance exhaust products (except our Race Mufflers) are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed most North American Federal, State and Provincial laws and regulations and, if installed and used properly, should not result in any problems for the owner of the vehicle. However, some jurisdictions have chosen to pass strict laws or have decided to interpret existing laws in such a way that results in tickets being issued for having a modified exhaust installed on your vehicle. Please check with local law enforcement if you have any concerns before installing any aftermarket parts. It is impossible for Vibrant to keep up with the rapid pace of legislative change throughout North America as it relates to modified exhaust systems. SEMA is a trade organization for the automotive aftermarket and their legal team has worked hard over the years to fight for the rights of the automotive performance hobby. Please refer to their website for updates on legislative issues that might impact you (

Over the years, we have conducted numerous tests, on a wide variety of vehicles, to gauge the sound levels produced by our exhaust systems. We exclusively use the SAE J1169-1998 testing standard when we gauging the exhaust tone produced by our exhaust systems. This is the same testing standard used by the State of California and several other states for testing vehicles equipped with aftermarket performance exhaust systems. We are proud that virtually all of our direct fit exhaust systems register at or below 95db using the SAE standard noted above. Please keep in mind that, when used in conjunction with other products (such as air intake kits or exhaust headers), the overall combined effect might cause particular vehicles to exceed the allowable limits.

How much extra power can I expect from my new Vibrant Performance exhaust system?

Horsepower gains will vary from vehicle to vehicle. Our experience over the years has shown that you can expect to produce as much as a 10% increase in horsepower and torque by installing a Vibrant exhaust system vs. keeping your stock system installed.

Installing a performance exhaust system will be far more beneficial on a forced induction powered car (i.e. turbocharged or supercharged) than on a naturally aspirated vehicle. We have seen gains of up to 15% when installing a Vibrant 3” turbo exhaust system on some turbocharged cars. Turbocharged cars love to breathe and the dyno numbers prove it.

I have installed a Vibrant Performance exhaust system on my vehicle and now I must take my car in for an emissions test. Will I have problems passing the test?

Universal Mufflers, Axle Back Systems and Cat-Back Systems are not considered to be emissions control devices and have absolutely no impact on emissions testing, not even in California.

Prior to going for your emissions test, be sure to check your exhaust system for exhaust leaks that might contribute to a failed test. Most leaks can be fixed by tightening fasteners or replacing worn gaskets.

Also, be sure to follow the scheduled maintenance program set out in your owner's manual and be sure that your catalytic converter and oxygen sensors are functioning properly. Catalytic converters and oxygen sensors are the two most important components in ensuring that your vehicle runs clean and passes emissions tests.

I have gone through the entire Vibrant Performance catalog and can't find any parts for my car. What can I do?

Although we try to carry direct fit parts for all the most popular makes and models, we can't make everyone happy.

If we don't offer any direct fit for your vehicle, you can always choose from our wide array of universal fabrication components in order to build your own custom parts. No matter what make or model you drive, Vibrant Performance offers top quality components that you can use to build professional quality intake or exhaust parts.

In addition, we are always more than willing to consider any ideas you might have for new products that we should think about developing. Please feel free to email us any ideas that you want to share with us.

Does Vibrant Performance offer a warranty on its products?

We strongly believe that the consumer should be able to confidently purchase products for their vehicle knowing that there is a rock solid warranty behind it. We proudly stand behind our products. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong with the Vibrant product that you purchase, we will work with you to solve the problem.

Please click here to view our complete warranty document.

Does Vibrant Performance sponsor race and/or show cars?

Vibrant does offer some sponsorships for race and show vehicles each year.

In order to be considered for sponsorship, please send us a formal proposal complete with at least the following information:

  • A list of your vehicle’s current and future modifications
  • At least 3 current photos (renderings are accepted if the car is under construction)
  • A list of any confirmed print or online media commitments
  • A list of shows and/or races that you intend to attend
  • A list of any current sponsors, including contact info

Please send your proposal to us via email.


If you didn't find the answers to your specific questions on this page, please send your questions to us via email and a member of the Vibrant Tech Support team will be happy to help you.